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Strengthen Your Team With a Whale Shark Excursion

Whale shark with snorkelers

The activities abroad produce benefits in the work teams that other experiences can not provide easily.

On the one hand, an office, a boardroom, even a classroom, present controlled environments in which the brain processes tasks and information from the routine context. In this way, people tend to cancel access to new information or possible changes in attitudes.

On the other hand, the outdoor activities present an environment full of new elements and unexpected possibilities. For this reason the senses have another level of alertness and the attitude towards new experiences and concepts is more open.

The habitat where the whale shark can be found is more than 10 km away from the coast; It is not like the Caribbean reefs, which represent less than half an hour excursions in a powerboat. In addition, although the sighting area is clearly identified, whale sharks do not have a fixed itinerary and are in constant motion.

That is to say, part of the adventure consists of the logistics required to enter the sea: the itinerary, the instructions of the guides, the organization on board the boat and, of course, the mood during all these previous phases.

To get to the whale shark area from Cozumel, for example, it is necessary to show up around 7am at the pier in Playa del Carmen.

In this environment, on board boats, notions of space are transformed. At the same time there are two situations that are increasingly difficult to access: the disconnection of communication devices and physical proximity to the equipment. In this new context it becomes possible to deconstruct prejudices and generate new links between the members of a working group.

Between May and mid-September it is almost certain to find groups of whale sharks (the guides report a 99% chance), but this tour also embodies the thrill of the unexpected. What time will they appear? Who will be the first to find them? What size will they be? Will we only see whale sharks? In this area is also frequent to find manta rays, as well as various types of dolphins.

In finding the groups of these enormous fish, the legislation that protects them is very explicit and defines that the approaches can only be made in small groups. In this way, shift training is also an opportunity to develop guidelines for cooperation and leadership within the team.

If you have doubts about the details of a whale shark excursion for your team, you can always consult the testimonials, or write directly to an authorized guide, who will surely be happy to answer your questions.

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