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Kids and the Whale Shark Excursion


For many generations, the approach to nature corresponded to dangerous and remote expeditions, only possible for experienced and reckless explorers. The pictures of huge, exotic animals belonged to a universe that was not accessible to the children of that time, but which populated their imagination of travels and wonderful beings.

At present, access to exceptional animals in their natural habitat, to sharks of more than 9 meters in length, can be reached by any person, by any family. In the Mexican Caribbean, if you visit Playa del Carmen, Cozumel or Isla Mujeres with your children, the adventure of swimming with the whale shark is at your fingertips.

Children, excursions at sea and values

The exciting world of technology presents children with a universe of paradoxes. When they instantly access the stunning images of the huge whale sharks, they seem to experience a world of ephemeral and capricious emotions; But at the same time come into contact with the values of a respectful relationship with the environment and the patient and meticulous work of scientists who have studied the largest shark on the planet. Studies combining direct observations, satellite and airplane tracking have made it possible to draw detailed maps and calendars of whale shark behaviors and routes (Rhincodon typus, its scientific name) in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

Thus we know today that, between May and September, whale sharks come in considerable numbers off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula near Cancun, where they swim slowly near the surface while feeding. Children traveling to swim with the whale shark must board a boat and away from the bombing of the immediate images and the permanent connection with the screens of their cell phones; At the same time they experience contact with a wider environment of deeper bonds.

Safety and the Environment

The whale shark sighting areas are more than 10 kilometers from the coast, meaning the excursion requires a considerable boat trip. In addition, it is impossible to determine in advance the exact point where the encounter with these fish will occur. This immersion in the marine environment is an occasion that promotes the learning of safety practices, and of those that allow a sustainable coexistence with the environment.

Before traveling discuss with the guide that will take you to the excursion the ages of your children and their swimming skills, he will guide you to ensure you have a safe experience, which will certainly strengthen family ties.

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