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How Do I Find a Quality Whale Shark Tour?


You will invest in a trip to Isla Mujeres to visit the whale shark. A group of people trust you, perhaps you’ve organized trips before, and you hope to give them a pleasant and memorable experience. Internet makes it fairly easy to rate and choose the best options on flights (you are likely to travel from another country), hotel and even food; However, when you have to hire from a distance a service as complex as an excursion in the sea to contemplate in its natural environment a fish of more than ten meters long and that travels for more than seven thousand kilometers, Information may be more difficult to assess.

Definitely to reach the destination and to cross one place after another may not be the best option, especially if you need to schedule the activities for your group and avoid waiting or disappointments. In addition, in the Mexican Caribbean, the most reliable guides that make this journey make a considerable effort to convey to their prospective clients the experience they propose.

So what elements should you consider?

The testimonials

One of the biggest advantages of buying over the internet is access to the experiences of other customers. What do they say about your experience? Did your trip meet your expectations? How do you see the images of other users like you? Surely in your words you will find answers to concerns that advertising or information on the site of the provider does not always respond accurately. What’s more, in your photos and comments you will be able to verify what the guide says about your services on your site or on your social networks.

In that sense, it is always worth checking the legitimacy of the testimony.

1. What is the user’s rating? Read carefully the opinion of those who have the best reputation. 2. The details. In addition to approval or disapproval, reviews can give you pertinent information about helpful details or give you an expanded perspective on what you can expect. An example:

“When we arrived there were over 35 (whale sharks) in the area. It’s almost the end of the season, so we had a lot of luck! Each person was in the water 3 times and we managed to see blankets too. It was surreal. ”

The rules

Some promotional photos show visitors who dive and reckless swim around the whale sharks; It even offers to touch them. The rules for visiting the whale shark are very clear and require the guides to watch tourists keep a safe distance to these animals and do not make maneuvers that may disturb them. They are rules that facilitate the safety of visitors and that encourage whale sharks to visit each year these waters.

Therefore, it is also possible to place your trust in the contents of the guides that offer realistic expectations and demonstrate responsible practices in your advertising and on your websites.

Good luck on your whale shark excursion!

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