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Whale Shark Tours in Isla Mujeres

Come to Isla Mujeres and swim with the Whale Sharks

Isla Mujeres is an island located about 12 km off the Yucatán Peninsula, just an easy ferry ride across the Bahía de Mujeres from Cancún. The island makes for a tranquil getaway and exciting scuba diving adventure and whale shark excursion! Here, you can fill your day with water sports, shopping, and soaking up the sun on one of the pristine white-sand beaches, enjoying the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea or make a booking with the best rated trip advisor whale shark tour company in Isla Mujeres.

When visiting the island, the beach options are endless, so pick up a golf cart or mountain bike and spend the day wandering the coastline. Playa Norte is the most popular beach in Isla Mujeres, you will love it for its warm, shallow water. If on the contrary, you go to the eastern side of the island, you will be able to admire the spectacular views of the waves hitting the rocky coast. No matter what your choice is, you will certainly find a beach club to spend the day in or the perfect spot to lay your beach towel down and enjoy the view. 

Do not miss the opportunity to connect with nature and marine life during your vacation! Make sure to visit the turtle sanctuary for endangered sea turtles where depending on the day you might get the opportunity to experience a turtle release. For an unforgettable experience, hop in the water and see for yourself the marine life surrounding the island. Take a day to go on a snorkeling or diving excursion in Isla Mujeres to the MUSA underwater art museum where you will be able to appreciate over 500 life-size sculptures covered in sea life. If you come with us on a scuba diving tour, you could also visit the natural reef called Manchones, the blacktip reef or the sunken ship depending on your preference.

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres must be on your to-do list! Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean and even though the word “shark” might sound scary, these gentle giants feed on plankton and are comfortable around humans. Jump in the water for an up-close encounter with these amazing creatures and enjoy the Caribbean scenery on the boat ride to and from your tour.

Book today and explore the underwater world on an Isla Mujeres whale shark or scuba diving tour!