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Whale Shark From Isla Holbox


Swimming with whale sharks is a unique experience in life that is

You can do during the holidays.


Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, measuring up to 12

Meters long. They are known as the peaceful giants of the sea because they are

Totally harmless and quiet creatures.


Facts about the whale shark


Whale shark is recognized immediately because at the top

Has circular spots of a creamy white color and pale stripes

Horizontal and vertical. Due to this design is usually called the domino shark.


Whale sharks are often found in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding the islands Holbox, Isla Mujeres and Contoy near Cancun. They are observed here from May to

September, but especially during the months of July and August. For this reason, August 30 has now been formally established as the Mexican Whale Shark Day.


Meet the whale shark tour in:

Isla Holbox