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Isla Mujeres Tours


Isla Mujeres is located in the Caribbean Sea, very close to the Yucatan peninsula, southeast of Mexico. Its warm and transparent waters are the perfect home for dolphins and turtles, and swimming with them is one of the most attractive activities that can be done here. To get to the island, take a ferry from Puerto Juarez or a ferry from Punta Sam (cars) and enjoy the incredible scenery during the 15-minute journey from Puerto Juarez (Cancun) or 45 minutes from Punta Sam.

At the southern tip of the island there are vestiges of a Mayan temple. Archaeologists know that Isla Mujeres was a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel, Mayan goddess of fertility and that Mayan women were to make a pilgrimage to the island as part of their transition from girl to woman. It is a quiet island but full of marine life.

Here you can do:

Snorkeling, diving, fishing, water activities and day tours, such as: The whale shark tour from Isla Mujeres. It is a unique experience, if you are in the months of May to September. Another interesting attraction of the island that is worth visiting is the park and beach club, El Garrafón, where you can practice snorkeling, snuba, sea trek, kayak among others. Another tour you can do is: Catamaran


Tour to Isla Mujeres Visit Isla Mujeres and know a little piece of paradise.