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What to do to Have an Unforgettable Tour in the Mayan Riviera?


The mayan riviera awaits you, here you will find first class restaurants, spaces to live the nightlife to the fullest, exclusive spas, shopping centers and hotels that offer various activities so you can enjoy your stay in this place.

However, if you want to make your vacation a unique experience the Riviera Maya is one of the best destinations for diving and snorkeling and its shores are home to a huge variety of marine species. If you dive into its waters you will find yourself surrounded by tropical fish, rays and the imposing whale shark.

The whale shark is one of the most impressive and, at the same time, less known sea creatures on the planet; It is called “whale” due to its large size that can reach up to 18 meters and although it has around 27 thousand teeth, unlike most sharks, it feeds mainly on plankton.

This species whose docility contrasts with its enormous size is totally harmless fact that allows you to enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable spectacle swimming at your side: a giant of nature. Without a doubt, if you do not know what to do when visiting the Riviera Maya, this is definitely an experience you can not miss