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The Best Season to Swim with the Whale Shark in Holbox!

Whale shark

A docile giant of the seas arrives at the beautiful waters of Holbox Island, in search of its favorite food: the plankton

The whale shark visits the Mexican Caribbean in the months of June to September.

In this season you can not miss the opportunity to swim with the whale shark in Cabo Catoche one of the most important areas worldwide due to its number of sightings.

Its docility, which contrasts with its size, makes this creature an irresistible attraction

If you want to swim with the whale shark in the north of the Mexican Caribbean do not forget to contact us, we know and respect the established code of conduct to enjoy this experience that very few lucky people in the world have lived.

“Swimming next to a whale shark
It is an unforgettable experience,
allows us to see how small
that we are before the great wonders
of the nature”