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Vacations 2018 Whale Shark From Cancun!

whale shark

Cancun offers many wonderful activities, one of the most memorable for those who visit the place, is SWIM WITH THE WHALE SHARK, a unique moment that is enjoyed in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

The perfect season to live this experience is in the months of July and August, time in which this species travels up to 13 thousand kilometers to arrive at the beaches. However from the months of April and May this activity can be carried out, since it is when these marine creatures approach the coasts in search of their food.

Swimming with the whale shark, the largest fish that exists on the planet, is possible thanks to its docile nature and its diet composed mainly of plankton, which makes them giants of nature totally harmless.

Because it is a protected species to fully enjoy the visit of this specimen without damaging it, it is very important to follow the instructions of the guide, as this is an activity regulated by the authorities who prohibit certain activities that include the use of drones , toxic substances, fishing, among others.


Definitely, the best holidays, are spent next to a Marine Giant!