Kids and the whale shark excursion

For many generations, the approach to nature corresponded to dangerous and remote expeditions, only possible for experienced and reckless explorers. The pictures of huge, exotic animals belonged to a universe that was not accessible to the children of that time, but which populated their imagination of travels and wonderful beings.At present, access to exceptional animals in their natural habitat, to sharks of more than 9 meters in length, can be reached by any person, by any family. In the [..]

Strengthen your team with a whale shark excursion

The activities abroad produce benefits in the work teams that other experiences can not provide easily.On the one hand, an office, a boardroom, even a classroom, present controlled environments in which the brain processes tasks and information from the routine context. In this way, people tend to cancel access to new information or possible changes in attitudes.On the other hand, the outdoor activities present an environment full of new elements and unexpected possibilities. For this reaso [..]

How is a quality tour to swim with the whale shark

You will invest in a trip to Isla Mujeres to visit the whale shark. A group of people trust you, perhaps you've organized trips before, and you hope to give them a pleasant and memorable experience. Internet makes it fairly easy to rate and choose the best options on flights (you are likely to travel from another country), hotel and even food; However, when you have to hire from a distance a service as complex as an excursion in the sea to contemplate in its natural environment a fish of mo [..]

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