This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! From beginning to end, this tour was sincerely outstanding. My cousins and I were celebrating a bachelorette and decided to get our own private boat with Issac (the driver) and Cindy (the diver) (a married couple)on the boat Paloma. The boat was very clean and spacious. When we got on the boat they instructed us how to get in and out of the boat, and how to swim alongside the whale shark. I felt very safe because Cindy was in the water with us the whole time. It was truly magical seeing the whale sharks and mantras. After swimming with the whale sharks we got to hang out on the sandbar by the beach, and lastly snorkel with the exotic fish. It was evident the passion this couple have for the water. They made the experience so magical and peaceful with the:great music, wonderful snacks, and expertise in their job. I’m so grateful that I got booked on their tour and recommend this tour 100% to everyone. I had even gotten motion sicken (because I get sick very easily on boats and planes) and they went out of their way to make sure I was feeling well. Thank you so much Issac and Cindy for everything.

– Angela, 28, American/Colombian

Thanks to Raul we had the most amazing experience of our whole trip in Cancun! He was patient and respectful towards other boats and the patience won in the end because most boats had left and we stuck it out and ended up getting the best swimming experience with the whale sharks! The ceviche was fresh and delicious such a great added bonus! we can’t wait to recommend this experience to our friends!

– Kirstin, 26

Issac and Cindy made our whale shark adventure one we will never forget. Issac got us right to the area where the whale sharks were feeding. Cindy was patient with me as I went into the water for the first time. She lead me around so I was able to swim with the whale sharks. Both Issac and Cindy made our experience memorable. I highly recommend Mexico Whale Shark for your next adventure!!!

– Jennifer B

July 5th 2018 - This was an amazing trip! I took my daughter who turned 18 with me and this was the first time doing this for both of us. Started with breakfast and introductions. The boat was first class. Comfortable ride even for the rough conditions. When we arrived at the grounds, we were the first boat to spot the whale sharks and had first pick of location. What an amazing site to see these creatures swimming so peacefully. Our Captain (Estaphan?) and 1st mate (Toto?) were great. ( I hope I got the names right. My apologies if i didn't) I would ask for them if you plan to take a trip. The mate Toto was incredible. He swam for an hour taking groups out without even taking a break! My daughter and I are new to snorkeling and are not great swimmers so Toto took extra time and effort to make sure my daughter got a great experience even thought she was a little scared at first. We got some great pictures and video. I never thought I would swim with such a large animal. The shore lunch at Isle Mujeres was wonderful too. Great ceviche and sandwiches. After lunch we went snorkeling in the "beginner" location and I stayed behind but my daughter just loved it. We will never forget this trip. Thank you so much guys!!

– Darren Moore, 50, USA

These guys are fantastic, they gave my wife and I a great experience. From the start it was great, we were given a light breakfast before setting off. The boat ride out the area gave us all time to relax, our Boat Captain and First Mate (Sebastian and Toto) were awesome, and if you can request to be on their boat then do so, because they are great. They are a very responsible team, super clean boat. When we arrived at the area Toto made sure we all got into the water at least 3 times with the Whale Sharks, getting us into great positions and guiding us in the right direction. Also Toto would help people with underwater filming when they were swimming. After the Whale Shark experience we were taken back to an island for relax time followed by lunch, the best cerviche ever. Following lunch there was time for some more snorkling with Toto before the final drop off. This was a wonderful experience, definitely a big tick on the Bucket List and would highly recommend.

– Damian Bannister, Australian

Well, what can I say about how great this company, and experience is. I have gone on this tour 6 times now and never found anything to complain about. This tour has grown so much and become easier to do from cancun, Riviera maya, yucatan, or Cozumel. When we first started taking the tour it was in Holbox Island and it was much harder to get to, but still worth the effort. So I want everyone to know that this is the same company and excellent service that used to run it's boats from Holbox Island, that is part of the reason they don't have as many feedbacks left on trip advisor yet, just because they changed their name from Holbox Travel to Mexico Whale Shark. This year I could not count the number of whale sharks we saw, and of course swam with. It may be my imagination, but it seems like the whale sharks have become even more comfortable being observed and seemed to have slowed down a little making it easier to swim next to them. I obviously love this experience, and it seems to get better each time. If you have any fear about this at all, you will find all that fear leaves as soon as you enter the water and realize these harmless fish have no interest in you and seem totally oblivious to the fact you are near them. I would highly encourage this for adults and children, it is safe, fun, educational, and gives people a greater awareness of the beautiful things our planet has to offer. Sometimes you may also see an occasional sea turtle on the surface, and sometimes giant peaceful mantas are in close proximity to the whale sharks feeding on the same plankton. I know it is easy to be a little uncomfortable making a payment on paypal and expecting someone to show up at the end of a pier, or some other places to pick you up, but after 6 times, I feel I can assure everyone that unless something makes it impossible for them to make it, they will pick you up in an air conditioned van and get you to the boats. The boats are always fast, and seem to be well maintained with appropriate safety equipment, and their captains seem very competent and comfortable on the water. Anyone who has the chance to do this should, and keep in mind this is one of the few locations in the world where you can have this experience, and the Mexican people seem to have embraced this opportunity and protected these animals. Some countries don't have the same reputation for being so caring about these animals. Rene runs a great business and if there are any problems he is easy to work with and will always do his best to make sure everyone has a great experience. I will be going again next year for my seventh trip, I know it will be just as awesome as the six prior trips. Thanks again to Rene and all his staff.

– James Hudgins, 50, united states

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Mexico Whale Shark in July 2014, and I am so glad we did it with this company. We were a family of three adults, two teenagers and a 12 year old. To start off, email communications were clear and quick, and a lot of information on what to expect while swimming with the whales was provided to us ahead of time. We had some additional, out of the ordinary requests, which were handled smoothly and without a problem. We were staying in Cozumel, and needed take the first am ferry over Playa del Carmen in order to make the whale shark tour out of Cancun in time. The problem was that the rental car agencies weren't open yet. No problem. Mexico Whale Shark sent a driver to pick us up, including all the luggage for 6 people. When we arrived at their marina, we had a good briefing, a light breakfast, and selected our wetsuits. We then embarked for our whale shark adventure. The kids were a bit scared at first, but the assistants on the boat took them, one at a time, in the water until they were confident. The whale sharks were amazing!! I couldn't even count how many we saw. Everyone on the boat took at least 3 swims with sharks. We shot some terrific underwater videos.The boat doesn't leave until everyone is satisfied that they have had enough swims with the whale sharks. Next we boated to a nice area for lunch and a bit of snorkeling. When we got back to the marina we weren't staying at a hotel in the Cancun area, we were heading out to Chichen Itza, so Mexico Whale Shark had one of their people take us to pick up our rental car. Everyone at Mexico Whale Shark was pleasant and wonderful to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them very highly to anyone. Many thanks guys for a wonderful day!

– Tita Sokoloff, 63, USA

We have taken the whale shark tour last year when we were on our honeymoon. This is a must when you are visiting the west coast of Mexico. There are only a couple of places in the world where you are allowed to swim with whale sharks. Mexico Whale Shark has given us an unforgettable experience. We were picked up at the hotel with their transport. At arrival we were given some refreshments and some snacks. After that we went on the boat with a couple of other people. We headed up the sea and it did not take long before we spotted the first whale shark, a smaller one but we could get a couple of times in the water. You can go in as much as you want. We headed a bit further and saw a huge one. It is really amazing to swim next to these big animals. Once everyone was satisfied we got lunch (fish menu) and headed to a reef to spent there an hour of free swimming. The tour received from Mexico Whale Shark was exellent! The people where very friendly and helpful. A special thanks to René who arranged everything for us and give us an amazing expierence. If we are ever again in Mexico, we for sure would this tour again!

– Koen Marijsse

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