Whale Shark Tour

Snorkel with Sailfish Tour

With the winter it also comes one of the fastest fish in the world, Sailfish along with big groups of sardines, giving us the opportunity to enjoy a magical experience.

The departure from the docks it´s around 7:00 pm after a light breakfast consisting of coffee, juice, bread and fruit.

Once in the boats we provide all the equipment needed to do this activity; fins, mask, snorkel, and the life vest, wetsuits are optional and for rent.

This is a long trip we will take around 3 hour´s to arrive to the Sailsfish are. Once in there the captains will try to find them by looking at the birds, when a sardine shoal its form the birds will prepare to eat, that’s the moment to go to the water and enjoy the show.

During the trip we might also see dolphins, turtles and some manta rays as well.

In the boats we also provide water, sodas, sandwiches and some fruit as well.

This activity doesn’t last long, the only months we have to appreciate this spectacle are January and February, we only go out on Tuesday and Thursday, so there are limited spaces as well.

We can also do private tours, so don’t hesitate to contact us.